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How To Get Fabulous Flying Dress Photos On A Budget

Danica Brizan - March 1, 2019 - 0 comments


If you spend any time on the internet planning a trip to Greece, you’re bound to come across photos of visitors posing with their impressively long, brightly colored gowns billowing in the wind. With the blue and white buildings of Santorini providing the perfect backdrop, these stunning flying dress photos make for the ultimate travel souvenir.

According to Chaltcev Aleksander of Miami Dress Photo, one of the most well-known flying dress photographers, this trend began about three years ago and is now at the peak of its popularity.

“Constant wind on the caldera (a cauldron-like volcanic depression) pushed us to the idea of creating photoshoots with dresses with long loops, which flutter freely in the wind,” he told Black Travel Movement.


yellow flying dress photoshoot Santorini Greece

© Chaltcev Aleksander

Aleksander shot the photos of the highly melaninated Alexandra Maye in a gorgeous yellow gown that went viral in 2018. Maye, who was in Santorini celebrating the culmination of her nursing program, went all out and hired a photographer and a make-up artist for her shoot. Splurging on a full package can set you back anywhere from 300€ to 2500€. But there are several ways to cut costs and still come away with some dope pictures.

Here are our best tips:

Say Yes To Sharing The Dress

These beautiful gowns are actual rentals and there are several companies and photographers that will loan them to you for the day (they’ll even deliver them directly to your hotel). Many of the dresses are one size fits all, so you can easily cut down on your dress rental fees by choosing one dress to share between a few friends.

The largest group Aleksander has ever worked with consisted of 16 people. Each person was given 30 minutes to get their angles. While they waited for their turn in front of the camera, the friends were able to chill and drink coffee in a nearby café.

group flying dress photoshoot Santorini Greece

© Chaltcev Aleksander

Beat Your Own Face

BTM family member Tamara Fils-Aime pulled off her DIY flying dress photo shoot with a friend for just 75€ each. One of the ways they saved money was by doing their own hair and make-up.

Skip The Crew

The benefit of hiring a photographer is that they have the inside scoop on the best locations to shoot but with a little persistence you can gain access as well. “There are photographers everywhere,” Fils-Aime told BTM. “Just follow them! Or have a picture ready of where you want to go and show someone [the picture and have them] help you find it.”

You can trade off taking pics with a friend or you can bring a tripod and use the self-timer feature on your phone or camera. Fils-Aime and her friend also got creative when it came to getting those impressive action shots. “We had random people help throw the dress when we needed it. You definitely need a third person to get the dress high in the air,” she said.

It doesn’t matter if you treat yourself to a full glam squad and photog or if you choose to go the minimal route you shouldn’t leave Santorini without getting the perfect shot.

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Our Grecian adventure begins in Athens where we’ll walk through the ruins at famous archaeological sites like the Parthenon. Then we’ll fly to the islands to stroll along beautiful sandy beaches, enjoy a stunning sunset cruise, and party at Santorini’s hottest summer festival, Supa Dupa Fly.Get ready for sizzling soirees on the edge of volcanos, raves in caves, exclusive pool parties, hip-hop yoga, and VIP villa bashes in some of Europe’s most breathtaking venues. Join Black Travel Movement as we embark on a journey to explore Greece by day and night.

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